Diamonds are popular for their dominance in the jewelry industry and dazzling sparkle. Although it has other fascinating features, a diamond’s sparkle makes it stand out. A diamond’s sparkle is so significant that designers focus on it more than any other aspect of this magnificent gemstone. This makes diamond the preferred gem for engagement rings and other customized jewelry.

However, finding a sparkling one requires knowledge about diamonds. Looking for a diamond that sparkles? Let’s look at what gives diamonds their captivating sparkle.

Features That Impact A Diamond’s Sparkle

Diamond Cut

A diamond’s sparkle heavily depends on its cut quality. This affects how it reacts to the surrounding light, influencing its overall visual beauty. Uncut diamonds lack facets on which light reflection occurs. After cutting a diamond, the angles and relative measurements of its aspects and other proportions affect its light performance.

Light enters the diamond on its facets. You’ll then see the diamond sparkle in a spectrum of different rainbow colors or white light.


The brilliance of a diamond comprises internal illumination and external. External polish is how light bounces off the outer facets of the diamond, mainly exhibited by step-cut diamonds. For an inner brilliance to occur, reflection occurs in the diamond’s interior, like in brilliantly-faceted diamonds. This brilliance or glow makes diamonds appear brightly lit from within.


When refraction of light occurs, spectral hues of rainbow colors are illuminated. These are the red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and violet colors, collectively known as fire. Fire is, therefore, the ability of the diamond to reflect colored light. Since the hues have distinct bending angles, you will manage to see the colors individually.


As you move your diamond through light, scintillation is what creates a dynamic and dazzling optical effect. It varies depending on the light that you expose the diamond to. For this reason, you’ll find heavier diamonds in non-round shapes. That creates and exposes more facets to light, increasing scintillation, hence the sparkle.


Depending on the shape of the diamond, some have a more noticeable sparkle than others. That’s why round diamonds are the most luminous compared to other diamonds. Oval, pear, and heart-shaped diamonds also take in and reflect much light, giving them a better sparkle. Even though emerald and Asscher diamonds have their own unique features, their sparkle does not match the round diamonds.

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