The most expensive modern diamond cut is the round brilliant. It’s the most lively and fiery diamond cut, and it displays the most sparkle, so it’s a favorite style for engagement rings and diamond stud earrings.

But popularity aside, there are other reasons why a round brilliant cut diamond is more expensive than other diamonds. And the team of diamond experts at Goldsmith Jewelers in Ohio is here to help you understand them. 

Round Brilliant Cut Diamonds Are The Most Expensive Cut

The diamond-cutting process begins with a “rough” stone that looks like a glass pebble. Now, to achieve a perfect round brilliant cut, professional diamond cutters will use a bit more rough than with other styles. So in a sense, you’re paying for a larger stone than you’ll wear. 

But it’s this careful cleaving, cutting and polishing of a stone that brings out visual phenomena like:

  • Fire — the sparkle of a diamond
  • Brilliance — how a stone appears to glow with a light of its own, even in a darker room
  • Scintillation — the reflection of light around a diamond, like a disco ball effect

Now that you know why this style is more expensive, let’s consider whether this is the ideal stone for you!

The Pros and Cons of a Round Brilliant Cut Diamond

The most obvious benefit of a round brilliant diamond is jaw-dropping beauty. It is the most dazzling of diamond cuts. It’s also an excellent cut for hiding minor imperfections, inclusions that the naked human eye cannot see. 

But it’s not the perfect cut for every stone, nor every bride. In the quest for heftier carat weight, some couples prefer fancy pear-shaped stones. These diamonds blend sparkle with size and can get you a lot of bling for your budget. 

Still, other diamond-lovers prefer square cuts like Asscher cut or emerald cut styles. These are outstanding cuts for very large, very pure stones with no visible inclusions. But they cannot compete with a round brilliant stone in the sparkle department. 

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