Diamonds are beloved and coveted by many all over the world. Those that own them, place a very high value on them. In our modern culture, it is easy to come across diamonds used to make jewelry such as necklaces and wedding rings. In most cases, such diamonds are just small-sized gems. But have you ever thought of what is the largest diamond in the world? This synthesis will help you understand the source, current location, and characteristics of the largest diamonds in the world. 

The Cullinan Diamond

  • It was discovered in 1905 in Premier Mine, South Africa
  • It is named after mine’s owner Thomas Cullinan
  • It was gifted to King Edward VII by the Transvaal Colony government. 
  • King Edward VII commissioned the cutting of the Cullinan Diamond by Joseph Asscher & Co from Amsterdam
  • The cutting produced nine prime gems named from Cullinan I to Cullinan IX.

Today, the Cullinan Diamond is recognized as:

The Largest Rough Diamond in the World

A rough diamond defines the natural state of a diamond before cutting and polishing. The Cullinan holds the title of the biggest rough diamond to be mined. The Cullinan diamond weighed 3106 carats, approximately 621 grams when it was first mined. 

The Largest Colorless Diamond in the World

The most notable of all the nine gems produced after the cutting of the Cullinan diamonds is Cullinan I, also known as the Great Star of Africa. Cullinan I is recognized as the largest colorless diamond in the world. It weighs 530.2 carats.

The Golden Jubilee

  • It was mined in 1985 in Premier Mine, South Africa.
  • It is owned by the King and Royal family of Thailand
  • In its rough state, it weighed 755.5 carats.

Today, the Golden Jubilee diamond holds two titles, that is:

The Largest Cut Diamond in the World

After it was cut and polished, the Golden Jubilee diamond weighs 545.67 carats. Although it weighs 15.47 carats more compared to Cullinan I, its brown color denies it the title of the largest colorless diamond. Colored diamonds are however rare which makes the Golden Jubilee more precious. 

The Largest Faceted Diamond in the World

The Golden Jubilee remains the largest faceted diamond ever discovered.  It has a flat top and polished facets along its side towards the bottom. 

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