Brilliance may be a common word referring to an exceptional quality of something, but when it comes to diamonds, it means something more. You need to understand diamond brilliance because it’s an important factor to consider when choosing the perfect wedding or engagement ring.

What Is Brilliance In A Diamond?

Diamond brilliance refers to the ability of the diamond to reflect white light. This optical property of diamonds contributes to their quality and value, as it’s one of the many things that make diamonds stand out from the rest of the gems.

Brilliance vs. Fire

In diamond brilliance, you’re looking at its ability to reflect white light. You can see the diamond glowing brightly, but releasing white light. When it comes to diamond fire, the diamond emits a rainbow of colors, creating an enchanting visual beauty. Both brilliance and fire contribute to the beauty of a diamond.

How To Determine Brilliance In A Diamond

The major factor determining a diamond’s brilliance is the cut. Make a shallow cut and the light entering the diamond will be refracted out from the bottom of the stone. If a diamond features a cut that’s too deep, the reflection will come out through its sides, losing the sparkle. The best brilliance is a balanced cut that allows the light entering the gemstone to be refracted right back through the top.

The Ideal Amount Of Diamond Brilliance

This may depend on your preferences, but some aspects of the diamond will stand out:

  • A diamond with fewer facets will produce less brilliance, but more fire.
  • Diamonds with more facets will have greater brilliance, but less fire.
  • The trade-off between brilliance and fire goes right to the wire, depending on your preferences.


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