Salt and pepper diamonds are the true definition of imperfectly perfect diamonds as they are naturally flawed with black and white inclusions. These inclusions that make them look like salt and pepper bring out their uniqueness. Their unique look brings out a beautiful flare and personality in jewelry.

The Look Of Salt and Pepper Diamonds

They have a myriad of inclusions that give them their unique look and differentiate each diamond. There is a rare kind of salt and pepper diamond called the galaxy diamond because it has an extra unique moniker. It has a gray to dark body color with white flecks that look like the space and stars.

The 4Cs of Salt and Pepper Diamonds

The 4Cs are a guideline for defining the quality of a diamond. However, the guidelines are different for salt and pepper diamonds since their inclusions are what make them unique.


Their main appeal is their many black and white inclusions which are neatly distributed. And the more black inclusions there are, the grayer or darker the stone will appear.


Depending on the inclusion, the salt and pepper diamonds have varying colors that impact the whole look. It can have different shades of gray, a hint of green, red, orange, or yellow, or range from milky to colorless. To be a salt and pepper diamond, it must have inclusions.


Salt and Pepper diamonds have reduced brilliance due to many inclusions, which is contrary to traditional diamonds; hence, the jewelers cut them to enhance the beauty of the stones. The fancy cuts used are step cuts, rose cuts, and geometrical shapes such as hexagonal and kites.


Unlike traditional diamonds, their prices do not increase exponentially with the increase in carat weight. They are affordable and more available because of their lack of brilliance and lower luster.

Are The Salt and Pepper Diamonds Valuable?

They have gained popularity over the years for their uniqueness and availability. Their prices are usually determined by the market rather than by supply. The value of a salt and pepper diamond is defined mainly by the diversity and severity of the inclusions. The market also values the diamond for its overall appearance of each. Are salt and pepper diamonds valuable? Of course, they are. They are diamonds and so rare.

Choosing The Best Salt and Pepper Diamond For You

Personal preference is the first thing to consider while choosing the best salt and pepper diamonds, especially with vast colors and inclusions. The second thing to consider is durability. Due to many inclusions, these diamonds are susceptible to breakage. Ensure that the cut does not affect their strength and durability. The third factor to consider is their setting, as it can be mounted on various metals and other gemstones. Also, pick a protective setting such as a halo and bezel to avoid chipping.


The salt and pepper diamonds are unique and versatile. Jewel makers can use them on casual rings or engagement rings. Head to our Goldsmith Jewelers store to pick out your favorite salt and pepper diamond and have it cut and set by a professional jeweler for longevity and beauty. In case of any query contact us.