The jewelry industry has tons of terms when it comes to describing different kinds of stones. If you find yourself confused while shopping for precious gems like diamonds, do not be surprised because you’re not alone. Most buyers cannot differentiate natural diamonds from synthetic diamonds or diamond simulants. And that is where our help comes in handy. This article outlines what a diamond simulant is and how it compares with other gems in the market. 

What Is A Diamond Simulant?

Diamond simulant or simulated diamond is a term used in the jewelry industry to refer to alternatives of diamond gems. They resemble a natural diamond but have a different chemical composition, crystal structures, visual and physical properties. 

Despite diamond simulants being imitations, there are various types to choose from the market today. However, their natural-like design makes it difficult to differentiate them from diamond gems.

Diamond simulants have close similarities, and the prices will depend on the quality of stone. So, do not be surprised to find prices varying and compared to natural diamonds. Just like natural diamonds, simulated diamonds vary in chemical composition and physical properties. And that is a reason why natural gems that resemble diamonds are categorized under alternative diamonds.

Diamond Simulants Vs. Synthetic Diamonds

If you thought simulated diamonds were similar to synthetic diamonds, then you are wrong. First, synthetic diamonds are lab-grown with optical and physical properties almost identical to natural diamonds.

They are indistinguishable unless with the help of gemological and advanced lab testing to determine whether the diamond is natural or synthetic.

Diamond Simulant Vs. Natural Diamonds

The only difference between naturally mined diamonds and diamond simulants is in prices. A simulant diamond price may compare to a natural diamond depending on the variety of stones you select.

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