Baguette diamonds are long stones that can be rectangular, square, or tapered. They belong to the category of step cuts due to their elongated tapered shape. A baguette diamond has 14 facets, unlike the average 50 faucets other diamonds have.

The History of Baguette Diamonds

The baguette diamonds were discovered between 1920 and 1920 during the Art Deco and Art Noveau. They have since gained popularity, and you can find baguettes in all types of jewelry. 

What to Look for in a Baguette Diamond

When buying a baguette diamond, ensure you buy the jewelry from a renowned jeweler. However, consider a few things when looking for a baguette diamond. They include:

Color Match

A baguette has different faucets, and to have the color match your main stone, your jeweler should compare all the stones and ensure they fit with your main stone. A baguette cannot be used as the central stone.


Baguette diamonds have fewer faucets, and imperfections are easily seen even with the naked eye. Buy a baguette diamond with grade one or two clarity to ensure no faults.


Baguette diamonds are prone to chipping, and the shape you select will make a big difference if you want to protect your diamond. The best setting is Solitaire; it gives your diamond a brilliant look and protects it from chipping.

Pros and Cons of Baguette Diamonds

Pros of Baguette Diamonds

  • They are less expensive as compared to other diamonds since they have less internal brilliance

Cons of Baguette Diamonds

  • Require perfect clarity since they have fewer faucets
  • Are prone to breaking and dulling hence will need more maintenance

How to Care for a Baguette Diamond

Baguette diamonds are prone to dulling and should be cleaned regularly to maintain a sparkly look. It would be best to clean them with a soft bristle brush and warm water.

Bottom Line

Baguette diamonds are less expensive as compared to other step-cut stones. If you want to save on the cost, you can get a baguette diamond to add to the overall look of your jewelry.

Only buy your baguette diamond stones from a professional jeweler to get value for your money.

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