There are so many aspects that one considers before buying a diamond. It might be the sparkle or the style, but sometimes it is simply that shape that looks big. Diamonds that look big stand out independently and are a great addition to your diamond collection. 

Diamond Shapes That Look The Biggest

Here are some shapes that make diamonds look bigger:


The round cut is the most expensive diamond. It is because of how large it looks and the fact that it is the most popular shape. It requires proper cutting to achieve that 0.5x bigger size illusion compared to diamonds of similar size cut in different shapes.


This diamond shape has elongated lines that give it a classic look. The extended lines make it appear more prominent, while its intense sparkle intensifies the illusion by drawing attention to the diamond. It looks smaller when the oval cut is compared to a round-cut diamond of similar weight.


The emerald has a shallow cut and a large table, making it appear bigger. It has an endless mirror that also contributes to the illusion. Despite the illusion of being bigger, emeralds have less sparkle. The emerald cut does not hide imperfections and hence requires high-quality grades.


The marquise shape is marked with two sharp edges, unlike the round and emerald-cut shapes. These edges make the shape appear bigger on the finger. They have a lower market demand making them very affordable.


The pear shape looks like a pear since it has one elongated end and another round one. The long end makes the rounded end look larger, making these features very noticeable. Just like a marquise size shape, it has a lower demand. It is regrettable because not only does it have an outstanding sparkle, but it also makes the fingers appear slender. You can also wear it two ways, making it even more unique.

Where To Buy Diamond That Look Bigger

The other shapes that make diamonds look bigger are the Cushion cut, Heart cut, Asscher cut, and Princess cut. Suppose you are looking for diamonds that look bigger from the variety of shapes discussed above. Moreover, contact us at Goldsmith Jeweler, where we will provide you with various shapes and advise you appropriately.