If you’re looking for a unique diamond shape that sets your ring apart from the rest, a marquise shape diamond engagement ring might be for you! Marquise shape diamonds feature a classic look that maximizes carat weight with its stunning shape and cut. This stunning shape can work with other details you love, too— add a diamond halo, go on with a three-stone setting, or even choose a colored gemstone!

The marquise diamond cut is similar to that of a football. The unique shape is also known as the boat-shaped cut, the navette, or the eye-shaped cut. Marquise shape diamonds feature an oval shape with pointed ends. This diamond shape has been around for centuries, and it continues to be a flattering, timeless choice for today’s couples. Marquise diamonds can maximize carat weight, giving you a much larger-looking diamond.

Things to Keep in Mind When Buying a Marquise Shape Diamond

  1. Because of its long, narrow shape, marquise cuts are thought to be slenderizing and often credited for making a finger appear longer and thinner.
  2. The two points at the ends of a marquise diamond need to align perfectly with one another. The smallest imbalance or imperfection of symmetry of a marquise diamond will greatly affect the balance of your ring when it is set.
  3. The sharp ends of the marquise cut are often susceptible to chipping if not protected properly by the jewelry setting. When set in a ring, make sure your diamond’s corners have protected prongs or claws to keep the corners safe. 
  4. With their narrow shape, some marquise cuts produce an area of reduced color in the center of the gem— sometimes called the Bow Tie Effect.  All elongated fancy shapes have a bow tie effect, but a well-cut diamond will hide that effect with the brilliance of its facets.

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