A ring, whether a promise or engagement ring, denotes a sign of commitment. The difference comes in the meaning of the commitment as per the relationship. Promise rings come first, and they’re basically the progenitor of engagement or wedding rings, coming with a promise for engagement and even marriage. In the same vein, engagement rings come in handy when asking for your partner’s hand in marriage. At first look, you may find promise and engagement rings to be straightforward. However, the devil is in the details. Let’s dive right into it.

The Design

The obvious and almost always noticeable difference between promise and engagement rings is their appearance. Promise rings tend to look less flashy and are made out of gemstones, while engagement rings often turn heads with their stunning looks, for instance, diamond center stones. However, you may choose to use identical jewelry for both your engagement and promise rings to make the commitment much more special.

Meaning Behind the Rings

As aforementioned, rings are a symbol of commitment. Promise rings usually have a unique meaning attached to the wearer. Some of the common reasons that people wear promise rings include;

  • Friendship to showcase an all-lasting bond and get a constant reminder of the memories shared
  • Unique promises to remind you or your partner of what you wish to achieve
  • Monogamy to symbolize a romantic commitment between two people, with others choosing them in place of engagement rings
  • Personal values, whether religious commitments or otherwise

On the other hand, engagement rings have only one meaning behind them: a marriage commitment. Traditionally, it was customary for men to give engagement rings to their partners. In the modern era, there has been a shift in style, with men choosing to wear engagement rings as well.

The Bottom Line

Promise rings create a sense of commitment while eliminating the pressure that comes with engagement, and they’re also ideal for those who don’t see marriage as a necessary custom. Engagement rings create a formality that comes with marriage as the end result. So, which one’s right for you? Whether a promise ring that’s given towards the beginning of a relationship or an engagement ring that proposes marriage, you can trust Cleveland, Ohio’s Goldsmith Jewelers to walk with you throughout your special season. Feel free to contact us, or visit us at our North Royalton location.