Opals are gorgeous stones that can be used in various kinds of jewelry, and will last for quite a while if they’re washed carefully and treated well. To make sure they last as long as possible, here are some tips so you can properly maintain them.

How Do I Store Opals?

To keep opals in pristine condition and avoid damage, keep these points in mind so they don’t get damaged or suffer from wear and tear.

  • Store opal away from other gems and pieces of jewelry to avoid scratching.
  • Opal will crack if the water inside evaporates, so store opal wrapped in soft, moist cotton to prevent this.
  • Do not apply oil or glycerin to opal, it will make cleaning the opal more difficult.
  • Store opal away from sources of extreme heat or cold, such as a fireplace or freezer, so there’s less risk of the opal cracking .
  • Do not expose the opal to sudden changes in temperature, or else the opal might crack.

If you keep these points in mind when you store opals, you will greatly reduce the risk of damaging them.

How Do I Clean Opals?

Cleaning opal is crucial in order to maintain its condition. Pay attention to these key points so that you can properly clean them.

  • Never clean opal in mechanical systems, such as steam, ultrasonic, or boiling. Opal is fragile and sensitive to extreme temperatures, so this risks cracking the opal.
  • If there are no drill holes, you can use warm water, mild soap, and a soft brush to clean the opal. Do not use other cleaning solutions or toothbrushes.
  • If the opal is a doublet or triplet, never allow it to soak in soapy water. Clean it using a mesh rag dipped in warm, soapy water.
  • Since opals are sensitive to extreme temperatures, it is ideal to clean them using room temperature water.
  • Do not wipe dirt off opal, dirt is actually harder than opal and will scratch it.

If you follow these points, the opal should stay clean and beautiful.

How Do I Wear Opal Jewelry?

To minimize any risk of damaging opal, here are some points to consider when you wish to wear jewelry that contains it.

  • Keep opal under clothing if possible, to protect it from dirt and scratches.
  • Apply things such as cologne or perfume before wearing jewelry that has opal.
  • Do not do physical tasks or chores while wearing opal jewelry. Acids and alcohol can damage the opal.

If you make sure to remember these points, then the opal should stay in pristine condition.

How Do I Fix Opal?

While a deep fracture or crack could be permanent, it is possible to find an expert that can peel a layer off if the fracture or crack is not too deep. To find such an expert, you can go to Goldsmith Jewelers and have your opal restored.