Pearl jewelry is the unique and beautiful jewelry that can be passed down generations as a precious heirloom. Their durability depends on whether they are cleaned, how they are cleaned, and how they are stored. 

Why Do Pearls Require Special Care?

Pearls are made by covering a tiny seed, particle, or bead using a shiny nacre. This nacre is a composite substance secreted by mollusk as an inner shell. Therefore, the pearls will require special care since their outer layer makes them susceptible to peeling, scratching, and breakage.

The thickness of the nacre coating is dependent on the type of mollusk, water it inhabits, and time the bead is present before removal from water. The thicker the nacre, the higher the quality and durability of the pearl.

Cleaning with harsh chemicals and ultrasonic cleaners may lead to chipping, cracking, and gapping of the nacre. It may lead to complete loss of the nacre leaving behind a dull bead. Whether natural or fake pearl, proper care is vital for durability.

How Often Should You Clean Pearl Jewelry?

Ensure you clean your pearls every time you wear them. You can wipe them after wearing them using a soft cloth to maintain luster and remove debris. Moreover, deep clean them if you notice they are losing their integrity. Ensure you visit a jeweler once a year to clean them professionally and check the jewelry’s integrity. You should note that cleaning the pearls too frequently or too thoroughly can lose their luster.

What You Will Need

  • Two clean, soft cloths
  • Warm water
  • Mild detergent

The Cleaning Process

Inspection Of Pearl Jewelry

Double check the condition of your pearl jewelry. Ensure the silk strand of bracelets and necklaces have not stretched and that their claps open and close properly. Also, examine how earrings are attached to the posts.

Dampening Of The Cloth

Add a few drops of the mild detergent to lukewarm water. Double check the temperature first. Dampen a soft cloth with the lukewarm soap water and wipe the pearl without dipping it into the water. 

Wiping The Soap and Dirt Off

Using a clean, dampened, soft cloth with fresh water, wipe off the soap and dirt on the pearl.

Air drying The Pearls 

Air dry the pearls by placing them on a soft towel for a while before storage. This assists in maintaining the silk thread’s elasticity, which is used to string the pearls.

Tips For Pearl Maintenance

  • Ensure you put your pearl jewelry on last and remove them as the first thing. Once your pearls are on, avoid using lotion, perfume, hairspray, or makeup.
  • Wipe them once you take them off.
  • Store the pearl jewelry separate from other jewelry to avoid scratching.
  • Store them in a soft, non-abrasive fabric pouch or fabric-lined jewelry box with a wet cotton ball or damp cloth for hydration. 
  • Store the pearls flat and not hanged like other jewelry to protect the authenticity of the silk thread.

With all this information, you will not regret buying pearl jewelry. When you follow these tips, your pearl jewelry will last long. Buy your pearl jewelry from Goldsmith Jewelers for authentic pieces. Moreover, visit our shop yearly to have a professional clean and check the integrity of your pearl jewelry. Contact us today to receive our services.