Garnets are beautiful stones that may be used in jewelry because of their range of colors. As long as you treat them with care when washing, garnets are excellent for daily wear. Taking good care of your garnet will keep it looking its best for many years.

How To Care For A Garnet Ring

Everyday wear and tear may lead to the accumulation of dirt and filth on garnet jewelry. When cleaning your jewelry, it’s important to follow a few easy tips to avoid damaging the stone.

Keeping a Garnet Ring in Good Condition

Make use of a soft cloth

Use a soft cloth to buff the stone into a mirror-like sheen. Get rid of dust, filth, and grime by vigorously rubbing.

Clean the setting with a moderate soap and water solution

Add half a cup of water and two drops of soap to a dish. Stir until the soap is dissolved. Clean the garnet jewelry setting with the combination.

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Using a soft bristles toothbrush, gently clean the setting from top to bottom, starting from the inside.

Pat dry after thorough rinsing

Use a damp towel to clean the garnet jewelry gently. Take care to remove any soap residue that may still be on the skin. The ring may be shortly submerged under running water. Use a soft towel to dry.

Garnet Ring Cleaning Mistakes To Avoid

  • Garnet jewelry should not be cleaned using bristle toothbrushes.
  • When cleaning garnet, do not use steam.
  • You should not use ultrasonic cleaning devices, despite what many people believe.
  • Using toothpaste to clean is a bad idea.
  • Do not use bleach while cleaning.
  • Avoid using salt to scrub.

Where Can I Clean My Garnet Ring?

All stones, including garnets, are recommended to be cleaned at least once a year. At Goldsmith Jewelers, expert cleaners are available and can bring back the sparkle to any of your precious stones. We may be able to repair your jewelry if it has been damaged by regular wear and tear.