Welcome to the Goldsmith Jewelers 2017 Holiday Gift Guide


Goldsmith Jewelers has the perfect gifts for the holidays at special pricing.


The 2017 holiday season is upon us, and we’ve gathered our favorite classic and trending jewelry for 2017 in our Holiday Shopping Guide! If you are looking for the perfect piece for your loved one or close friend, we have jewelry and watches to fit every budget and style.


Founded in 1974, Goldsmith Jewelers, Inc. is proud to serve the North Royalton-area for all their gift-giving needs! We specialize in diamond engagement rings, fine jewelry, and jewelry repair (including diamond settings, ring remounting, jewelry restyling, ring sizing, rhodium plating, and jewelry refinishing!). With top designers including LeVian, Cordova, Imperial Pearls, and Charles Garnier Paris, we are sure to have the gifts they want!


Here is a look at a few of our favorite gifts for 2017:


Gemstone Rings


Cocktail rings are a favorite of women who appreciate a bold, colorful statement piece. These colorful rings typically feature a center gemstone that is made even more dazzling with additional diamonds. Shop rings here.


Shop this 14K Vanilla Gold Le Vian Chocolatier Ring here> https://buff.ly/2zK7WQE

Shop this Strawberry Gold Le Vian Ring here> https://buff.ly/2zGYPQJ

Shop this Cordova White Gold Sapphire and Diamond Band here> https://buff.ly/2zJ0Ax0


Everyday Earrings


A staple in every jewelry collection, every woman should have a few pairs of earrings she adores. Shop earrings here.

Shop these rose gold woven hoop earrings> https://buff.ly/2zI9w5N

Shop these 14K Strawberry Gold Le Vian Chocolatier Earrings here> https://buff.ly/2Bj4IQt


Statement Pendants


Full of color and shine, pendants are the perfect gift for the holidays! Consider choosing a necklace to celebrate her birthstone, your anniversary month, or just her favorite color! Shop necklaces here.

Shop Ostbye designs> https://buff.ly/2iYQIVw


Shop this Strawberry Gold Le Vian Necklace here> http://bit.ly/2hVTGZG


Stackable Rings


For women who love a little extra, stackable rings are THE trend of the moment. Paired with an engagement ring or in a stack of their own, these thin diamond bands add custom sparkle to any look! Shop rings here.

Shop this Honey Gold Le Vian Red Carpet Ring here> https://buff.ly/2iXBC2d

Shop this Pink Gold Ruby and Diamond Band here> https://buff.ly/2iVIHAq

Shop this Yellow Gold Amethyst and Diamond Stackable Ring here> https://buff.ly/2BgGpT7

Timeless Timepieces

Perfect in both form and function, watches are a stylish holiday gift. Shop our timepieces here.

Shop your favorite watch brands here> http://bit.ly/2zvndAC


Are you ready to explore more jewelry for the holiday season? Visit us in store or browse our jewelry online here!