Watches have never been smarter than they are today. However, computer or internet companies do not make the smartest watches, the real smart watches come from watch companies like Citizen and Seiko. Here is a look at the smartest watches available today. These are top picks for Father’s Day from Goldsmith’s Jewelers in Ohio.

Citizen Ecodrive: Ditch the Power Cord

Dad has enough to think about…having to sync, charge or otherwise worry about his watch like another cellphone is not something a busy father needs. With a Citizen Eco-Drive dad can literally set his watch and forget about it. Eco-Drive uses rechargeable solar powered batteries to store enough energy to power the watch for 180 days without exposure to the sun. This provides the value of a solar watch without the inconvenience of having to constantly reset the time when the watch isn’t exposed to sunlight.


Citizen Eco-Drive

Pulsar: Digital before Apple Computer or Microsoft were even Born

The Pulsar watch was the first timepiece to use an LED digital display. Introduced in the early 1970s, Pulsar was a leader in the Digital Age. Pulsar was already hugely popular when Gates started Microsoft in 1974 and while Steve Jobs was still playing in his garage in Cupertino.

pulsar-solar watch

Pulsar Watch

Out of this history, Pulsar has matured into producing sophisticated, sleek and technologically advanced watches. A division of Seiko, today’s Pulsar watches incorporate both solar technology and more than 50 Seiko patents to run on kinetic energy harnessed from the movement of your body. To do this, inside the watch there is a magnetically suspended rotor. This rotor spins at about 100,000 RPM, five times faster than a race car, to power the watch forward as you go about your everyday life. Pulsar watches are also water resistant and they have a variety of useful calendars, alarms and chronograph features to keep any dad happy.

kinetic pulsar watch works

Seiko: Simply Smart Watches: Always Cutting Edge

Seiko has dedicated itself to developing cutting edge, sophisticated watch technology for decades. A watch is a very small, highly sensitive instrument that must be durable and rugged enough to withstand everything from playing ice hockey to carrying a load of firewood. Dads do remarkable, manly things every day and they want a smart watch that can accommodate anything they want to do. A watch is significantly smaller than a cellphone or a tablet or a laptop computer and a large portion of the patents that make a modern watch run smoothly, efficiently and smartly were developed and are still owned by Seiko. This is the Smart Watch choice for the smart dad this Father’s Day.

Seiko watch GPS solar

Seiko Astron