We are excited to announce that you can now shop FlyerFit by Martin Flyer designs at our North Royalton Goldsmith Jewelers showroom!

Founded in 1945 by Martin Flyer, today it is run by CEO Joshua Kaufman, a member of the business’ third generation. Renowned for its classic diamond jewelry, Martin Flyer has grown since its inception to become one of the most recognized bridal designers in America, where it now boasts unlimited manufacturing resources, enhanced customer service and design teams, and an exceptionally large diamond inventory.

For more than 70 years Martin Flyer has stood by the motto: “The Quality You Expect, The Personal Service You Deserve.” This mantra is still a cornerstone of our focus today and has held true through three generations of outstanding service, craftsmanship, and delivery of heirloom quality jewelry at competitive prices. Handcrafted by experienced artisans with the finest materials available, Martin Flyer truly signifies, “Forever”.

Martin Flyer uses the best materials to make the finesse products to celebrate the special moments in life. To mark these special celebrations, we created a system that both educates the retailer about wedding rings styles and allow consumers to shop for their loved ones with ease and confidence.

Martin Flyer launched FlyerFit in 2006. Using a special trademarked design, FlyerFit engagement ring and wedding band sets fit together perfectly.

Below are a selection of gorgeous FlyerFit by Martin Flyer engagement rings. Can you pick a favorite?


Explore FlyerFit by Martin Flyer here.