Our Ultimate Guide to Gifting Bridal Jewelry

No matter how old she  is, the bride will always be a little girl to her parents. Many mothers and fathers look forward to celebrating their daughter’s big day with bridal jewelry she can wear on her special day and beyond. This tradition is associated with the classic rhyme, “something old, new, borrowed, blue, and a silver sixpence in her shoe.” This saying is very old, but the idea remains the same— to wish her good luck on her wedding day and beyond.

The “something new” is commonly associated with a gift of wedding jewelry from the bride’s parents, often presented to her as she dresses for the wedding so that she may wear it during and after the ceremony. Today, many parents choose to purchase and present jewelry to their daughters long before the day of to allow the bride to coordinate the gems with her bridal look. Most often, parents will choose a piece of jewelry that will complement the style of their daughter’s engagement ring.

It is important that wedding jewelry given as a gift to a bride doesn’t aim to outshine the engagement ring or wedding band. This jewelry should be given as a token of your love. So while it should be beautiful and precious, it is wise to keep it understated in comparison with her engagement ring and wedding band.

At Goldsmith Jewelers, we are happy to feature a gorgeous selection of wedding jewelry to choose from to make your daughter’s special day that much brighter.


Le Vian® Earrings featuring 1/2 Cts. Vanilla Diamonds® set in 14K Vanilla Gold®

Earrings are the most popular wedding jewelry gift. Whether you choose simple diamond stud earrings or something more dramatic, earrings are a gift she will wear and cherish for years to come.


14K Diamond Infinity Necklace – Available in white, yellow and rose gold.

A necklace is the perfect finishing touch to a wedding gown. We can help you find the perfect single diamond pendant or a more dramatic necklace.


14K Yellow Gold Freshwater Pearl Ring

A ring also makes a wonderful gift for brides. Consider incorporating her birthstone, or even creating a custom piece with family jewelry, for a ring she will wear on her big day and beyond.


14K Infinity Diamond Bangle – Available in white, yellow and rose gold

Bracelets are a beautiful bridal jewelry gift that is dazzling enough to match the occasion without outshining her other bridal jewelry. We recommend diamond bracelets and bracelets that incorporate gemstones if you would like to incorporate her birthstone, favorite color, or another gem with meaning.


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